Watercolors by Michael Hampton

All listed watercolors are available for sale. Please contact me directly for individual pricing by emailing me at michael (at) michaelhamptondesign.com.

The Temple of the Four Winds Castle Howard

Paris Fountain

Gate at Vaux le Vicomte

Gates at Vaux le Vicomte II

Laiterie at Rambouillet

Ledoux Temple

Summer Pavilion at William Paca House (Sold)

The Boycott Pavilions

The Casino Marino

Worcester Lodge

 Han Vase

 Jin Dynasty Vessel

 Ming Dynasty Vase (Sold)

Song Dynasty Black Flower Painted Vase

Song Dynasty Carved Flower Vase

Ming Dynasty Vase (Sold)

Qing Dynasty Vase

Qing Dynasty Gourd Jar

Tang Dynasty tri-color jar