Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Attachment of Drawing to Board

It seems like it has taken me forever to get to this point but the under drawing is finally complete and I can proceed with the first step in the watercolor process, which is attaching it to the board.

I attach the drawing to a hollow core board. You can find them in any art store. I use either a smaller or larger board depending on the size of the drawing. For attaching I use a heavy duty stapler. Staple the drawing on the very outside edges of the paper. I will also occasionally tape the drawing to the board with either a wide artists or drafting tape, which will not damage the paper.

If you are using a 140 lb watercolor paper you must stretch the paper in water before you attach it to the board. I usually run it under the tap or submerge it in the sink with water for a few minutes. Take the paper out of the water and let it drip dry for a few minutes. It is important to attach the paper to the board while it is still wet so that when it dries it will be all stretched and ready to go!

The benefit of attaching the drawing to a wood board instead of your drafting surface is so that you can easily move your drawing around as you painting. Sometimes you will want to manipulate where the watercolor runs and being able to freely move the board will let you do this.


ArchitectDesign said...

Just saying hi via peak of chic website -you work across the canal from me! Love seeing the process, I miss my drafting board now that I'm chained to my computer! Can't wait to continue to read your fantastic blog!

Anonymous said...

HI Michael,

How very interesting is your 'hobby'. Is it just your hobby, I can imagine you also use it professionally? I know how to make reasonably 'good' black and white interior sketches, but no way near as good as you do them. Did you start this blog recently? ( november) Do you still work for T.P.? Of AD top 100 list, he is my favorite designer! Please keep us posted on your beautiful watercolors. Looking forward to the next post!
Ron/The Netherlands/ Empel collections

john gibson said...

Nice work-it's great that you detail HOW you do stuff
John Gibson

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Love your renderings! I am a colored pencil user myself. I write and illustrate my own books on exterior design which reference soft treatments such as window treatments and bedding etc. I have always been hesitant to try watercolor because once you mess up you have to start all over again! You can check out my illustrations at if you're interested.

rawrecruit said...

Hello Michael,

Walter Wade, formerly of Marvin Alexander, Inc. here. Just saw the post about you on the Peak of Chic. Very beautiful work. I love architectural renderings, especially Zega's work on Versailles and its satellite pavillions and palaces.

Once I get a job again (!), I would love to know if you sell your work and if so, do you do so direct or through a gallery?

It was great to see a photo of you after all these years of speaking over the phone. Happy New Year!

All the best, Walter

michelle said...

What attention to detail...nice to come across your blog!

Villa Savoia, Inc. said...

Beautiful drawing Michael - it is always nice to see such beautiful accuracy and style.