Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Trip to Bountiful

I recently returned from the Bay Area in California, which is where I am from, and was able to spend some quality time with my closest friends and family. On one of our excursions to the coast, my friends and I visited the some of the areas around Point Reyes and found ourselves wandering amongst the most beautiful of old farms overlooking the sea, which is now owned by the state.

The blue sky was veiled with a thin layer of fog. We walked with the cool ocean breeze at our backs and the ethereal, pastel colors of the moss, wood and grass all around us.


David Toms said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. It is so nice to get back to the simple things in life!

Anonymous said...

Exquisit. The pure graphics are lovely. What do you think it is about old barns? Is it their age, their volume, the possibilities? They make me sad. Built by some struggling farmer who is now gone. The effort and cost of erecting those large structures, used for awhile, played in by the children, then abandoned. Empty. Do they reflect the lives of all of us, the fruiting and consumption and then the withering?

A beautiful blog none the less, thank you. Ann