Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kime and Place

I have always been a huge admirer of Robert Kime ever since I was introduced to his work by way of his sublime fabrics. What I love most about Kime's work is how unpretentious and comfortable his rooms are whether its his own charming farmhouse or a grand palace or country estate for Prince Charles. His rooms always have a sense of time and place as if they have been there for generations. They are not trying to be anything but comfortable and elegant. You cannot put a date on them because they are simply timeless and always gracious. Like the late Bunny Mellon, Kime has a gifted eye for the extraordinary and honest. The most recent T Magazine included the following photos from his country home, Docker Nook, and his apartment in London.


Beth Scanlon said...

Thank you so much for posting Michael. I missed this issue of the NY Times magazine and I am so delighted to study these pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

An Urban Cottage said...


Lord Cowell said...

Very warm and homely interiors.

Karena Albert said...

Beautiful and so talented Kime really has style beyond!

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