Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tropical Style

With the imminent humidity quickly approaching here in DC, I started thinking how much I would prefer suffering through the heat while walking along aqua tinted beaches or sipping fancy cocktails in a swanky Caribbean bar while watching a glorious sunset. I was also inspired by these fabulous new abaca rugs from Mary McDonald for Patterson, Flynn and Martin, which come in a variety of ultra chic patterns and colors. Of course one cannot think of tropical style without thinking of Tom Sheerer's and Miles Redd's super stylish and vibrant interiors in Lyford Cay and Palm Beach as well as Oscar de la Renta and Bunny Williams, whose spectacular homes in Punta Cana define classic and elegant tropical style. All of these abaca rugs would feel right at home in any of my favorite beach inspired rooms. 

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Blue said...

The trellised room, perhaps, is my favorite. Living at the edge of the semi-tropics where the humidity faucet is already fully open, I'm eying my woolen rug in the living room and thinking it might go away for a summer-long cleaning.

You show beautiful examples both of carpets and rooms.